Willem de Rooij

In the face of creeping far-right thinking, an exhibition in Munich underscores the role contemporary art can play in ensuring historic atrocities are never forgotten

By Kito Nedo
Zhao Yannian, 1979, woodcut print illustration of La Xun’s True Story of Ah Q (1921)

Power Station of Art, China

By Matthew McLean
Matthias Herrmann, the president of the Vienna Secession from 1999–2006, photographing himself in the exhibition 'Christopher Williams & Jeroen de Rijke/Willem de Rooij’, Secession, Vienna, 2005–6

Christopher Williams and Willem de Rooij discuss whether referentiality in art, if once polemical, has become an orthodoxy and if so, is there is a way out?

By Jörg Heiser