An Homage to Adele Röder

‘In everything she does, Adele’s honesty is at the core of her vision’

Allison Katz, Autumn, 2013, pencil on paper, 23 × 15 cm. Courtesy: the artist 

This drawing is an homage to the artist Adele Röder, part of an ongoing series since 2012. Adele is not only a model or muse but an active participant in the creative exchange. The intimacy of our friendship and our care for each other’s lives allows the subject to be re-imagined collaboratively. In everything she does, Adele’s honesty is at the core of her vision. I will always ask her opinion of what I am painting. Her way of seeing gives me permission to be daring, to not stop at my own position, to integrate what was previously out of reach. 

Allison Katz is an artist based in London, UK. In 2018, she had solo exhibitions at Antenna Space, Shanghai, China, and Gió Marconi, Milan, Italy, and her show ‘Diary w/o Dates’ travelled from Oakville Galleries, Canada, to MIT List Visual Arts Center, Boston, USA.

Issue 200

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January - February 2019

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