Looking Forward: Jenny Jaskey

Leading curators select some stand-out presentations at Frieze New York 2017

Susan Cianciolo has always been an artist, but for a period of her two-decades long career, she was best known in the fashion world for RUN, an acclaimed eleven season collection she made between 1995–2001. Categories
like “art” and “design” don’t really describe what she does: pure magic perhaps comes closer. What unites her winningly varied practices is their rooting in a commitment to the hand.

Imagining and assembling garments for particular individuals, Cianciolo often collaborates with others who bring special skills: she made her last exhibition at Bridget Donahue, a retrospective of DIY “kits,” with her young daughter Lilac Sky, who supplied glittery details, among other notes and sketches.

For her presentation with the same gallery at Frieze New York, Cianciolo is exhibiting a series of water- colors, drawings, collages, and garment designs all set within a tapestry floor installation. The objects – many exhibited for the first time – will be hanging from vintage hooks, a detail inspired by a Milanese restaurant. This will compliment the artist’s concurrent installation at the Whitney Biennial, for which she’s recreating her fabled RUN Restaurant – a Japanese luncheonette, complete with handmade costumes for the restaurant’s employees. 

Tickets for Frieze New York 2017 are available here.

Jenny Jaskey is Director, Artist’s Institue, New York 


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