frieze d/e

Issue 7

Winter 2012

The Winter issue of frieze d/e features Édouard Glissant‘s final statement on Opacity – in the first English and German translations, taken from his last book of essays Philosophie de la Relation (Philosophy of the Relation, 2009).  

Curator and critic Ulrich Loock takes stock of Glissant’s legacy in contemporary art theories and practices.

Critic Jan Verwoert considers the implications of opacity for communication while tracing a history of art works that resist interpretation.


Badischer Kunstverein

By Jörg Scheller
Riding a Saddle Roof, 2012, Installation view, Dhondt Dhaenens Museum, Deurle (Courtesy: Dhondt Dhaenens Museum, Deurle; Fotografie: Sven Laurent)

Andreas Slominski has turned traps into sculptures, jokes into performances and, most recently, Polystyrene into paintings.

By Dominikus Müller

Should difference be hidden or visible?

By Jennifer Allen
Leck, 2012, Installation view

Galerie Crone

By Astrid Mania
Snake Song, 2011, Glass and lead, 45 × 30 cm (Courtesy für alle Bilder: die Künstlerin & Gaudel de Stampa, Paris)

Jessica Warboys works with film, painting, sculpture and stained glass. But her main medium may be our ability to recognize resemblances

By Philipp Ekardt
Peter Regli bei der Arbeit an seinem Projekt Reality Hacking No. 269, in der Werkstatt der Familie Hành, Da Nang, Vietnam, 2008 (Courtesy für alle Bilder: der Künstler)

In this new series, frieze d/e invites an artist to talk about their working process. Swiss artist Peter Regli gets the ball rolling.

By Peter Regli
Solar, the blindman eating a papaya, 2011, Film still

Fri Art

By Alexis Jakubowicz
Rocher du Diamand (Fotografie: Claude Ries)
Der „Rocher du Diamant“ (Diamantfelsen) liegt vor der Küste von Martinique. Die Vulkaninsel verdankt ihren Namen ihrer abgeschrägten Form und den glitzernden Reflektionen auf ihrer Oberfläche. Obwohl unbewohnt, wurde sie 1803–4 während der Napoleonischen Kriege von der Britischen Armee besetzt, die sie zur „H.M.S. Diamond Rock“ taufte – einem bewegungslosen Schiff aus Stein.

Today the choice between ‘opacity’ and ‘transparency’ has become the subject of increasing critical engagement in the realms of both contemporary art and politics.

By Ulrich Loock
Skye Chamberlain, Times Painting, 2012

How Berlin’s Times Bar became a legend in no time at all

By Ulrich Gutmair
Notations / Logbook, 2006–12, Crayon on paper, A4 notebook

Art Foundation

By Helen Chang
Cindy Palmano, Porträt der Pet Shop Boys aus dem Fotoshoot zu ihrer Single What Have I Done to Deserve This?, 1987

How sophisticated is popular culture? A new book by Nadja Geer tries to find out

By Thomas Hübener
Das ist heute möglich, 2012, Installation view

Kölnischer Kunstverein

By Timotheus Vermeulen