frieze magazine

Issue 183

Nov - Dec 2016

With features on Rasheed Araeen, Matthew Brannon, and Anne Imhof; a survey of art, class and precarity; and a look at how a group of emerging female artists is exploring femininity as a marketing construct.

Also: associate editor Paul Clinton interviews queer theorist Didier Eribon; and co-editor Dan Fox explores the social and emotional complications of class in the art world; Rosanna Mclaughlin explores Beatrice Loft Schulz, Samara Scott, Amalia Ulman and Holly White’s depictions of "girliness" as consumer paradigm and sexual fantasy; and Sean O’Toole discovers poetry and social practice in the performances of Congolese choreographer Faustin Linyekula.

On the award-winning dancer and choreographer Faustin Linyekula, who is funding a water-treatment facility in the Congolese city of Kisangani

By Sean O'Toole

The second of three articles exploring art, class and precarity: an interview with writer and sociologist Didier Eribon

By Paul Clinton

The first of three articles exploring art, class and precarity: a range of artists, curators and writers explore how class shapes art-making today

George Pendle looks at the artist's ambitious new body of work tackling the Vietnam War

By George Pendle

With the death of Gawker and the rise of Trump, free speech is under threat

By Christy Lange

Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

By Krzysztof Kościuczuk

Four young female artists explore 'girliness' as consumer paradigm, sexual fantasy and economic necessity

By Rosanna McLaughlin

Dan Fox explores the complication of class in the art world

By Dan Fox

ZKM Karlsruhe

By Jörg Scheller

La Tallera, Cuernavaca, Mexico

By Dorothée Dupuis

Q. What should change? A. Everything: that's just how the world is

By Zeng Fanzhi

Pablo Larios on the versatile performances of Anne Imhof

By Pablo Larios