frieze magazine

Issue 184

Jan - Feb 2017

The first issue of 2017 includes features on Monika Baer and Helen Johnson, and an interview with Lubaina Himid, while Noemi Smolik talks to Wim T. Schippers and Dodie Bellamy surveys the young artists exploring queerness and disability, and more.

Elsewhere, Jennifer Krasinski asks whether the roles of artist and writer are incompatible; Sarah Hromack unpacks the politics of narcissism in Kristin Dombek’s latest book; and Becca Voelcker reviews Eduardo Williams’s bold debut feature film. Plus: 43 reviews from 25 cities in 18 countires, and a Questionnaire from fashion legend Dries van Noten.

Patrick Staff, Weed Killer, 2016, production skills. Courtesy: the artist, commissioned by LA MOCA

Five young artists exploring queerness, disability, the standardization of bodies and the politics of visibility

By Dodie Bellamy

Colonialism and contemporary Australia in the paintings of Helen Johnson

By Jennifer Higgie
Untitled, 2015, oil on canvas, 250 x 220 cm. Courtesy: the artist, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin and Greene Naftali, New York

On the art of Monika Baer

By Kirsty Bell

A map of the Milky Way and neighbouring galaxies based on observations from the Gaia satellite

By Jennifer Higgie

Themes of youth, travel and work eddy through Eduardo Williams’s debut feature

By Becca Voelcker

Q. What should stay the same? A. Love.

By Dries van Noten

A slippery form of mental illness or a cultural norm that has shapeshifted over time?

By Sarah Hromack

Pola Magnetyczne, Warsaw, Poland

By Krzysztof Kościuczuk

‘Walshe’s work as a composer and sound artist draws on a form of cultural consumption that stems from living on the periphery of the metropolis’

By Colm McAuliffe

Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

By Francesca Tarocco

Met Breuer, New York, USA

By John Keene

Various venues, Montréal, Canada

By Evan Moffitt