Frieze Masters

Issue 5

October 2016

Looking at art from the past through the lens of the present, the issue includes features on Caravaggio and Hieronymus Bosch; the medieval women whose illustrated manuscripts are finally being recognized; Sigmund Freud's preoccupation with Michelangelo; 20 contemporary artists reflect on the art works that have inspired them, and much more.

The French artist shares his interest in Francis Picabia’s signature

The impact of pre-Columbian techniques and designs on 20th-century artists

The co-founder of print workshop Gemini G.E.L. talks about the evolution of the iconic institution

A new Smithsonian Museum highlights African American history and culture

Georgiana Houghton's 19th-century spirit paintings

Surrealism, anthropology and the history of the recently re-opened Musée de l'Homme

How Indian classical music has influenced the visual arts

Curator and author Paul Williamson talks about his long and distinguished career at London's Victoria and Albert Museum

Artists write about a work of art that has influenced them

The Medieval women who illustrated manuscripts are finally being recognized

The intermingling of classical sculpture and female self-realization in the long literary tradition of the journey to Italy

Artists write about a work of art that has influenced them