Frieze Fairs - 20 Apr 2018

Preview: ‘A Palestine That Only Really Exists in the Mind of the Diaspora’

Jordan Nassar describes how his presentation in Frame at Frieze New York 2018 unites craft and national consciousness


Presented by Anat Ebgi in Frame at Frieze New York 2018, Jordan Nassar’s hand-embroidered textile pieces address the intersection of language, ethnicity and heritage, drawing from his background as a Palestinian-Polish American.

Nassar’s work expands upon the political history behind Palestinian craft, reclaiming both locality and technique through the medium’s ability to communicate and build community. Nassar presents a suite of landscape works, using symbolic patterns to reference the embroidery of bereaved Palestinian women, whom he met while on residency in Israel.

This installation is a dialogue between Nassar’s own embroidery and that of the women of Palestine. As a descendant of the Palestinian diaspora, the landscapes which Nassar works upon the pillow patterns are meditations on alienation and displacement.

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