Barbara Kruger

A rare, newly-published interview with the late October editor, reveals an art critic intent on changing the terms of the debate

Los Angeles

20 Jan
13 May

For Performa 17, Barbara Kruger prods New York not to be a jerk

Members of a pro-Ukrainian self-defence group play with a dog at a roadside checkpoint in Ovidiopol, Ukraine. Courtesy New York Times, Redux and Eyevine; photograph: Mauricio Lima

Q. What do you wish you knew? A. How to answer questions in a complex, honest and clever way.

Kenneth Anger USA Uniform Attraction, 2008, DVD still

Remembering 9/11: how exhibitions in New York and Berlin commemorated the tenth anniversary of the attacks

The intertwining of art and commercial photography is nowhere more evident than in the genre of still life

An interview with Simon Watney