At Kolkata’s Experimenter, the collective find coincidence and contradiction in the archive of The Hindu newspaper

By Skye Arundhati Thomas
Opening today: CAMP⁣⁣ | A Photogenetic Line⁣⁣ at Experimenter - Hindustan Road ⁣⁣


13 Apr
15 Jul
Rathin Barman | The Thinking Forest is Not a Metaphor at Experimenter - Ballygunge Place opening 22 Feb - 06 April.


22 Feb
6 Apr
Praneet Soi, Hold Still


1 Dec
2 Feb
Experimenter | Moyra Davey ‘Bring My Garters/ Do Nothing’


10 Nov
5 Jan
Kanishka Raja, Drawing for Control 10 (From Bauhaus to My House), 2016–17, oil and prepared arches on paper, each: 1.6 x 1.2 m. Courtesy: Experimenter, Kolkata

New York

29 Jun
28 Jul

Naeem Mohaiemen’s films reflect on recent histories of the global radical Left

By Sarinah Masukor

Experimenter, Kolkata, B24

Samson Young's multidisciplinary work confronts the ways in which sound can both transcend borders and enforce them

By Peter Meanwell