The artist queers the canonical histories of art and theatre, pointing to how things might actively and fantastically engage in being otherwise

By Martin Hargreaves

Ahead of her presentation at Centre Pompidou in June, the artist and choreographer talks about slowness, detail and the anti-spectacular

By Harry Thorne

Three leading artists explore the complex notion of a multi-ethnic national identity in post-globalization China

By Colin Chinnery

Under a metahistorical guise, the filmmaking duo enact hidden tyrannies of the contemporary age

By Harry Thorne

Madeleine Thien takes a look at a celebrated painter who merged Western composition with Chinese brush-and-ink style

By Madeleine Thien

The artist's layered, tender paintings consider the history of being seen and touched by black women

By Simone White

In her current solo show at Kunsthalle Zurich, the artist's sculptures propose new manners of dwelling and co-existence

By Laura McLean-Ferris

A series of ‘magical transformations’: Tacita Dean’s new work launches across three institutions in London

By Ben Eastham

What accounts for the enduring appeal of Germany’s cult experimental author Hubert Fichte? 

By Manfred Hermes

Architecture, idealism and anachronism in the work of Cui Jie

By Ying Zhou

How do representations of sleep reflect contemporary culture?

By Erik Morse

Why can’t New York get over its ‘bad old days’?

By Dan Fox