Gender Politics

The menstrual cup is now part of the London museum’s ongoing project which responds to major design moments

By Frieze News Desk

The new statues will honour women including jazz icon Billie Holiday and civil rights leader Elizabeth Jennings Graham

By Frieze News Desk

Kino Classics’s new release attempts to redress a story of cinema centred on white male accomplishment

By Nick Pinkerton

On Instagram, the curator affirmed her support for the #MeToo movement, in response to the Kavanaugh allegations

Poet CAConrad looks at the ways in which the artist addresses the corrosive role of empire in our daily lives

By CAConrad

Why the sportswear corporation built a brand philosophy premised on personal transcendence and social justice

By Alan Bradshaw

‘I felt that I had to pretend my son didn’t exist; in order to be professional, it felt necessary to mimic the behaviour of men’

By Caroline Douglas

There are perils in deploying bigotry to score political points, but meanings also shift from West to East

By Aliide Naylor

Statues of pioneering suffragettes will break New York’s male-dominated ‘bronze ceiling’

The ‘She Built NYC’ commission aims to build public monuments that properly recognize women’s contributions to the city

Cursed images, the latest chill wave and Janelle Monáe’s ‘emotion pictures’: what to read this weekend

Sotheby’s and Christie’s say they are dropping the practice of using female-only staff to pose for promotional photographs – will others now follow?