From tapestries of ‘Tootsie Rolls’ to excerpts from a burnt-out dystopia: here’s what’s on in the UK capital

By Chris Fite-Wassilak
Donna Kukama, also when you are terrible, you are not so terrible (Part 1), 2018, tempera, glitter, oil stick, and graphite on canvas, 65 x 45cm. Courtesy: Blank Projects, Cape Town


12 Jan
9 Feb
Karin Ruggaber


9 Nov
21 Dec


13 Apr
16 Jun

greengrassi and Corvi-Mora, London, UK

By Caroline Marciniak


15 Sep
28 Oct
Ellen Gronemeyer, Strawberryfield, 2015, oil on canvas, 90 x 100 cm

Greengrassi, London, UK

By Charlie Fox
Untitled (detail)  2014, oil on canvas,  1.3 x 1 m. All images courtesy  the artist and  greengrassi, London

Simon Ling and plein-air painting in east London

By Josephine New
Old Fruit, 2010, c-type print,
 127 × 102 cm

Roe Ethridge’s work circulates in the worlds of fashion, commercial and art photography.

By Christy Lange
16 Photographs from Paris 2009, c-type prints, postage, tape

Family, literary influence, travel and environment in the work of Moyra Davey

By Quinn Latimer

As influenced by haute couture as he is by experimental filmmakers, Vincent Fecteau discusses his new sculptures with Bruce Hainley

By Bruce Hainley