Hettie Judah

Are recent innovations in sustainable fashion enough to save the planet? 

Katharina Grosse, This Drove my Mother up the Wall, 2017, installation view, South London Gallery, acrylic on wall and floor. Courtesy: South London Gallery; photograph: Andy Keate

South London Gallery, London, UK

Vittorio Scarpati, Untitled, 1989, 21 x 13 cm. Courtesy: Max Mueller; photograph: Andy Keate

Studio Voltaire, London, UK

Kate Davis, ‘Nudes Never Wear Glasses’, 2017, installation view, Stills Gallery, Edinburgh. Courtesy: Stills Gallery, Edinburgh

Stills Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK

Kyle Craft. Photograph: Andrew Toups

On the singer’s glam debut album 

The long-awaited biopic of cult writer Jeremiah 'Terminator' LeRoy

Part one of this week's Culture Digest focuses on a newly translated book tracing Turkey’s hazardous history