Kathy Acker

In the run-up to the Kathy Acker exhibition at ICA, London, a look back at a significant recent show and symposium examining her relationship to the visual arts

By Isabel Mehl

‘I felt that I had to pretend my son didn’t exist; in order to be professional, it felt necessary to mimic the behaviour of men’

By Caroline Douglas

Indecency surrounds us, we must not look away

By Olivia Laing

Prison labour as artisanal nostalgia, David Tang's dinner advice, and octopus intelligence: what to read this weekend

Chris Kraus’s biography of the first female ‘Great Writer as Countercultural Hero’

By Juliet Jacques

As a new biography of the author is published, revisiting Kathy Acker's writing on literature, logic and the libido 

By Dodie Bellamy