Kunsthalle Basel

Fabian Schöneich on the artist’s new performance at Kunsthalle Basel

By Fabian Schöneich

On the occasion of her first institutional solo show in Europe, Budor talks to frieze about soundscapes and science-fiction

By Dora Budor and Carina Bukuts
Joanna Piotrowska, installation view, Stable Vices, Kunsthalle Basel, 2019, view on, Frowst I, 2013–2014. Photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel


25 Oct
5 Jan
Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, Performance, Until a thousand roses bloom, 2018, Foksal Gallery Foundation. Foto: Spyros Rennt


27 Sep
13 Oct
Dora Budor, installation view, "I am Gong", Kunsthalle Basel, 2019, view on "The Preserving Machine", 2018-19. Photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel


24 May
11 Aug
Wong Ping, installation view, Golden Shower, Kunsthalle Basel, 2019. Photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel. Courtesy of the artist and Edouard Malingue Gallery.


18 Jan
5 May
Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, installation view, Mammalian Fantasies, Kunsthalle Basel, 2019. Photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel. Courtesy of the artists; C L E A R I N G, New York / Brussels; Loevenbruck, Paris, and Jan Kaps, Cologne.


18 Jan
14 Apr
Shahryar Nashat, Image Is an Orphan, 2017, installation view, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland. Courtesy: the artist, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, and Rodeo Gallery, London, UK; photograph: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel

Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

By Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Three new exhibitions from Lena Henke, Yngve Holen, and Anne Imhof

By Laura McLean-Ferris

On the perplexing nature of Anne Imhof's new performance, Angst

By Chloe Stead
Getty vs. Ghana (detail), 2012, eight photographs and four framed texts, dimensions variable. All images courtesy the artist

Same same but different

Anicka Yi, '7,070,430K of Digital Spit', 2015, exhibition view

Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

By Kirsty Bell