Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp, 1917, courtesy: Francis M. Naumann Fine Art

Art historian Sarah Archino explains her research on Duchamp and the press at the largest Duchamp collection in Europe, held in the Schwerin Museum

1913, a year of cultural, artistic and technological revolution that transformed the world

Collagist John Stezaker and writer-curator David Campany discuss the legacy of Surrealist encounters with photography

Victor Obsatz, Portrait of Marcel Duchamp, 1953

How taste and preferences change

Raymond Queneau, Exercises in Style, 1947; 2013 edition  published by New Directions,  New York. Courtesy: New Directions, New York; original design by Stefan Themerson for Gaberbocchus Press (1958)

Oulipo and the re-release of Raymond Queneau’s 1947 Exercises in Style

Hypothalamic brainstorming, 1962, mixed media on paper, 1.2 × 2.3 m

Gianfranco Baruchello’s long career encompasses painting, sculpture and film as well as farming and psychoanalysis

Witte de With

Q. What do you wish you knew? Q. French, the cure for AIDS, and how to deal with male pattern baldness.

Figure 7. Bridget Riley, Current, 1964

Fascinated by accounts of seemingly mysterious perceptual experiences, the artist relates her findings and how they impacted her work

For the past 40 years, the elusive artist David Hammons has explored race, creativity and politics – without gallery representation

Harry Houdini slips out of a straitjacket while hanging upside down over Broadway, New York, 1917

What exactly do we mean when we call an artist or writer a charlatan?