Why are recent blockbuster video games so obsessed with religion?

By Thomas McMullan
Seated Tenjin, 1261, wood with pigments; 0.8 x 1.1 m. Courtesy and photograph: Nara National Museum

On display at Cleveland Museum of Art are 125 religiously revered works from the past 1300 years 

By Frieze News Desk

Flecks of rare blue pigment found in a skeleton show women were also skilled manuscript painters 900 years ago

Michael Muhammad Knight’s is not just a good book of religious scholarship, but a strange, delightful memoir

By Shiv Kotecha

In a new book, T.J. Clark scours art historical depictions of divinity for clues about our contemporary age

By Shahidha Bari

On the eve of his two retrospectives in Paris, the artist discusses the works that have shaped his practice and thinking

By Roee Rosen

The Vatican Museums were due to host an exhibition of the Pop artist’s religious works, including his ‘Last Supper’ series

Attributed to Jacob Agnesius, Saint Sebastian, c.1638. Ivory carving. Courtesy: Colnaghi

As morbid devotional objects go on show at Frieze Masters, one writer asks: why do we look at violent religious art?

By Olivia Laing

A night within the walls of Pasaquan, the mystical compound of St. EOM

By Daniel Fuller

In her prints, paintings, photographs and videos, Andrea Büttner explores poverty, community and her philosophy of 'little works'

By Brian Dillon
Wael Shawky ‘Cabaret Crusades’ (detail),  2010–ongoing. Courtesy: Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Beirut & Hamburg.

The spiritual and the secular in art today

By Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
Teenage Jesus (XII), 2012, acrylic paint, paper, pastels on handmade paper in silver frame, 32 × 38 cm. All images courtesy: Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen; photographs: Anders Sune Berg

From clairvoyance to religiosity and the secret of the ‘100 Black Planets’

By Tom Morton