At LABOR, the artist has captured airborne contaminants on 52 canvases, damning evidence of the capital’s unsafe conditions

By Kit Schluter

At Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna, the artist highlights the ways in which Kurdish culture is expressed at the intersection of myth and reality

By Tom Hastings

From bratwurst sculptures to Prussian monuments, at Sammlung Philara, Düsseldorf, the artist looks at the construction of German identity 

By Chloe Stead

40 years on, the fight for reproductive rights, and against sexual violence, has never been more pressing

By Alice Butler

At Sesc Pompeia, São Paulo, five decades of the artist’s immersive work speak to the brutality and sensuality of American life

By Fernanda Brenner

The video artist Li Ran’s return to painting, at Shanghai’s Aike gallery, is still suffused by a sense of cinema

By Alvin Li

At David Lewis, the artist repurposes ephemeral Americana to remark on the disintegration of 1960s countercultural dreams and ideals

By Robert Fitterman

With ‘Cantiere’, the sculptor shows himself to be one of Italy’s best kept secrets

By Ana Vukadin

In the artist’s first museum survey at the Vancouver Art Gallery, appropriated advertising imagery exposes the hermetic loops of capitalism

By Karina Irvine

Majoli’s historical subjects couldn’t have known that the community for which they became sex symbols would soon be marked with a valedictory contingency – annihilation

By Shiv Kotecha

Boskovich wanted to inhabit a place that made no distinctions between sculpture and furniture, curation and decor, art and everyday life

By ​Juliana Halpert

The sculptor’s solo exhibition at Oakville Galleries blurs the boundaries between chance and artistic selection

By Charles Reeve