Royal Academy of Arts

A century on, the Viennese master’s paintings and drawings still lay life bare: the angst, thrill, the thrum of flesh

By Meara Sharma

At the Royal Academy of Arts, an exhibition spans the histories of the Pacific

By Matariki Williams

Along with Fiona Rae, Barbara Rae and Norman Ackroyd, the artists’ designs celebrate the Royal Academy’s 250th anniversary

Jasper Johns in his studio, 2005. Courtesy: Je Riedel/Contour Collection/Getty images

A major exhibition in London opening this weekend shows that at 87, Jasper Johns is as commanding an artist as ever

By Edith Devaney
Joseph Cornell, Palace, 1943, box construction, 27 x 51 x 13 cm

Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

By Ina Cole