Weekend Reading List

From the concept of human nature to post-Brexit erotica: what to read this weekend

  • Thought the concept of human nature was dead? According to McKenzie Wark, Paulo Virno aims to revive it.

  • Woody Guthrie’s fight with old man Trump.

  • Is it time artists and writers joined Underearners Anonymous? Economics and addiction to failure.

  • ‘It’s critical intimacy, not critical distance.’ Gayatri Spivak on deconstruction and contesting Western thought.

  • 'Its images of manufacturing are oddly depopulated' – the sinister undertones of ‘how its made’ videos.

  • A new long-read on frieze.com: Orit Gat and Julia Weist explore the hidden world of Cuba’s offline internet.

  • Has the pound taken a pounding? The post-Brexit political erotica of Chuck Tingle.

  • The optical unconscious: Marcel Sternberger, psychoanalysis and photography.

  • ‘What is a war these days?’ – Jennifer Doyle reflects on queerness, race and the logic of threat.

  • Having the time of his life: Tehching Hsieh talks about his durational performances in this interview from the frieze archives.

Paul Clinton is a writer and is lecturer in curating at Goldsmiths, London. His book Other Hunting will be published by Ma Bibliotheque in January 2019.

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