Lee Bul, Abortion, 1989, performance documentation. Courtesy: the artist and PKM Gallery, Seoul

In a climate of perma-outrage has live art self-censored to live entertainment?

Post-Grenfell, mid-Windrush and pre-Brexit, a day-long forum in London invited artists and organizations to re-imagine the communities we live in

Harvey, who founded the annual counterculture gathering in the Nevada desert, suffered a stroke earlier in the month

Laments for the dead are performed in a secret crypt beneath Islington Green

Ahead of her presentation at Centre Pompidou in June, the artist and choreographer talks about slowness, detail and the anti-spectacular

With her show opening at Kunstraum in London tonight, the artist's choreographed performances capture bodies in flux

Hank Willis Thomas, Pledge (detail), 2018. Screenprint on retroreflective vinyl, mounted on Dibond, 192 x 246cm. Courtesy: the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

Renée Green, Alfredo Jaar, Lara Schnitger and Hank Willis Thomas explore protest and collectivity in Frieze New York’s new Live section

Photography: Clément Pascal

A curated program of performances and interactive projects new to the New York fair

Thinking about propaganda, palimpsests, and a presentation of Tino Sehgal works in Moscow

A wild weekend at the High Desert Test Sites festival 2017

With her current show at Studio_Leigh, London, the artist shares some important images

Fifty years after its first outing, the artist reprises his legendary Walking Sculpture performance in the US