Weekend Reading List: Enoch Powell’s Toxic Legacy

50 years after ‘rivers of blood’, the politics of fitness culture, Isle of Dogs and language as power: what to read this weekend

Enoch Powell delivering a speech

Enoch Powell 

  • Half a century after his ‘rivers of blood’ speech, the example of Enoch Powell shows us how neoliberalism and right-wing populism are not antagonists, but closely bound together, writes Arun Kundnani.
  • Don’t miss Moeko Fujii writing on Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs (2018) and the fallibility of translation.
  • Barbara Ehrenreich looks at the darker side to our preoccupation with fitness: ‘the widespread suspicion that if you can’t control your own body, you’re not fit, in any sense, to control anyone else.’
  • The outrage over the Brooklyn Museum’s appointment of a white woman as its new curator of African art is misguided, says Chika Okeke-Agulu – ‘to argue, as many have, that a person of colour, by dint of her ancestry, would naturally grasp the intricate histories, and complex aesthetics of historical African art is to misunderstand the work of the curator or scholar.’
  • A new report finds significant exclusion of women, people from working-class backgrounds and BAME workers in the creative industries – Tom Jeffreys digs into the figures.
  • And finally, Edward White writes on the macabre history of the guillotine’s family of executioners.

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