frieze magazine

Issue 147

May 2012

This month sees a new-look frieze magazine, with a fresh typographic approach combined with new sections and features. The redesign was overseen by Art Director Sonya Dyakova, who explains that she aimed to produce an “expressive, visually arresting publication.”

The May issue introduces Influences, in which artists talk about the key images that have inspired their work; new approaches to the work of Focus artists, including case studies and studio visits; plus the re-introduction of the Picture Piece.

The controversial history of the $28-million African Renaissance Monument in Dakar

By Sean O'Toole
Daniela Ortiz Untitled, 2012, c-type print
By Rebecca Close

Have American conservatives taken over transgression?

Adrian Piper LSD Self-Portrait with Tamiko, 1966, oil on canvas
By Cathryn Drake
Johann Lurf The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, 2009, 35mm film still
By Michael Famighetti

New York’s energetic community of experimental music and film venues

By Dan Fox
Alice Channer Out of Body 2012, installation view

Ten contemporary sculptors are asked about the ways in which they feel meaning is controlled and conveyed in their work

Spirits, objecthood and the ‘Black Forest voodoo’ of Geoffrey Farmer’s mirages and micro-events

By Jan Verwoert
John Cage preparing a piano, c.1954

One hundred years of John Cage

By Rob Young

Robert Wyatt was my life-model

By Lynda Morris
Ding Yi Appearance of Crosses, 2011-12, acrylic on tartan

Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, China

By Carol Yinghua Lu

In an ongoing series, frieze asks an artist, curator or writer to list the books that have influenced them

By Brian Kennon