Five Naoshima museums to visit during the Setouchi Triennale

By Figgy Guyver
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 2012. Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

New York’s Guggenheim Museum is one of eight places deemed of ’profound influence, inspiration, and connection’  

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An exhibition at RIBA in London details the perilous journey of Central American migrants across Mexico’s frontera sur

By George Kafka

Authorities hope the Barcelona church will be completed ahead of the 2026 centenary of the architect’s death

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A brief look through the late architect’s most striking works of art

By Kadish Morris

Structures by Modernist masters including Carlo Scarpa offer an alternative to the city’s medieval streets and Gothic churches

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Beatriz Colomina’s latest book, X-Ray Architecture, argues that the spaces and technologies of the sanatorium gave rise to the modern movement’s iconic forms

By Thomas McMullan

‘The Circular Garden’ was grown from the soil in six weeks using fully sustainable construction materials

By Amy Sherlock

A new book surveys buildings in Central Asia and documents their distinctive styles

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The controversial addition to Manhattan’s west side is emblematic of the triumph of digital spectacle over real experience

By Glenn Adamson

Five iconic buildings designed by the Japanese architect since 1962

By George Kafka

In further news: V&A Dundee’s architect to design new museum in Turkey, and students protest tuition fee hike at CalArts

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