Jörg Heiser on memes, memory and Errol Morris's Wormwood

From the Spiritualist origins of Ghostbusters to an interview with Luc Sante: what to read this weekend

Museum Rietberg, Zurich, Switzerland

One hundred years since the birth of dada, what does the future hold for Kurt Schwitters’s Merz Barn in Cumbria?

By and

Cabaret Voltaire looks for investors and The Metropolitan Museum unveils its new logo: a round-up of the latest art news

Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

Dada's centenary and the importance of absurdity

100 years ago, a group of artists gathered in Zürich and founded dada.

Art of the Sixties, 1971, book design by Wolf Vostell; all photographs by Martina Lang

An alternative history of graphic design

Hugo Ball im kubistischen Kostüm während des Vortrags „Verse ohne Worte“, 1916

Is the activity of artists overshadowing their art?

Ruth Hemus (Yale University Press, New Haven, 2009)