Beatrice Marchi, ‘Susy Culinski & Friends’, 2015, installation view

Fanta, Milan, Italy

By Vincenzo Latronico
Frances Stark, My Best Thing, 2011, video still. Courtesy the artist, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York and Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA

By Olivian Cha
Nasreen Mohamedi Untitled, c.1980; Courtesy: Talwar Gallery, New York

Radical minimalism from India and Pakistan

By Shanay Jhaveri
Alexandra Zuckerman, Hole (2012)

An exhibition of twenty works on paper uses archetypes found in European fairytales

By Tal Sterngast

MoMa Queens, New York, USA

By James Trainor

Kerstin Kartscher

By Dominic Eichler

The stubborn genre of Raymond Pettibon's drawings

By Jim Lewis

Tal R's 'Back Garden' (1999) series of drawings are memory implants. Stale air. Bags and balls, big heavy Jehovahs and a looming Habakuk. Things that are what they are.

By Lars Bang Larsen