Mark Fisher

Saturated with marketing sleights of hand and anti-capitalist theory, her work isn’t to blame, any more than I am for reproducing the same rhetoric here

By Sophie Ruigrok

The artist and psychogeographer discusses building on the protests of the past

By Juliet Jacques

In 2006, the theorist of ‘hauntology’ and sound-artist walked across the Suffolk coastline – Adam Harper follows in their footsteps, sifting through encrusted layers of history

By Adam Harper

What the frieze editors have been reading this week

By frieze
 Mark Fisher. Courtesy: John Hunt Publishing, Hampshire

‘In our current catastrophic political climate, we need Fisher more than ever before’

By Geeta Dayal

An exhibition at MAXXI, Rome, presents a vision of our maturing digital consciousness by drawing a connection between surrealism and AI

By Rachel Falconer

Rereading Mark Fisher with the publication of his collected writings; Olivia Laing’s Crudo makes the NYT’s ‘100 Notable Books’

From capitalist realism to acid communism, new anthology K-Punk demonstrates the reach of the late writer’s cultural criticism

By Paul Rekret
A New Orleans city worker in protective clothing measures a monument to Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States,4 May 2017. Courtesy: Getty Images; photograph: Justin Sullivan

Novelist Hari Kunzru on the current culture wars in the US

By Hari Kunzru

From unmasking an author to literary dress sense: what to read this weekend

By Paul Clinton

What might the late Mark Fisher have made of the UK’s General Election? Suddenly the end of ‘capitalist realism’ feels not just possible, but almost inevitable

By Juliet Jacques

Dan Fox pays tribute to the life and work of a writer, theorist, cultural commentator, and friend, who passed away last week

By Dan Fox