New York

At Karma, New York, the artist herself becomes ‘a reproductive medium’, revisiting natural subjects and bringing realism ever closer to abstraction

A beautifully spare presentation at Lomex, New York, uses a tangle of haberdashery-esque materials to invoke transcedent scenes

Michel Auder’s show at Martos, reminds us why, despite the optimists, art was never going to find its raison d'être under the current regime

Statues of pioneering suffragettes will break New York’s male-dominated ‘bronze ceiling’

In Eleanor, or The Rejection of the Progress of Love, two women repudiate the long-held expectation: get a husband, make babies

The artist shows a muscular blend of figuration and abstraction at Galerie Lelong & Co., New York, and Philadelphia Fabric Workshop and Museum

New York

24 Jun
15 Sep

The Compound in the South Bronx will open with a show of legendary hip-hop photographer Jonathan Mannion

At Lehmann Maupin gallery, New York, the artist's immersive installation and paintings from the 1970s commemorate forgotten indigenous histories

Highlights from Condo New York 2018 and Commonwealth and Council at 47 Canal: the summer shows to see

Néstor Sanmiguel Diest, Gran Lamprea, 1998, acrylic on canvas, 27 x 35 cm. Courtesy: Maisterravalbuena, Madrid/Lisbon

New York

29 Jun
27 Jul