This mini-retrospective makes a compelling case for the ongoing relevance of the 20th century’s most ubiquitous artist

By Gilda Williams

A new exhibition looks back at the artists who resisted poisonous cultural narratives of the ’80s and ’90s with care, humour and style

By Rosanna McLaughlin

A private show in Stuttgart to neo-Nazi demos in Berlin, queer lessons in times of change

By Kristian Vistrup Madsen

In further news: MoMA reaches contract agreement with staff; man hospitalized after falling into Anish Kapoor installation

Remembering the photographer’s invaluable contribution to the history of queer aesthetics

By Che Gossett

The artist queers the canonical histories of art and theatre, pointing to how things might actively and fantastically engage in being otherwise

By Martin Hargreaves

In New York, the artist untangles the intertwined histories of ballet, avant-garde visual art and clandestine gay life in mid-century America

By Lizzie Feidelson

Robin Campillo’s portrait of ACT UP Paris puts militancy before mourning

By Evan Moffitt
SPIT! (Sodomites! Perverts! Inverts! Together!), SPIT! Manifesto, performance documentation for Frieze Projects 2017. Courtesy: the artists and Frieze

Frieze Fairs - 09 Oct 2017

Queer manifestos, speech acts and gestures of the past come alive in performances at the fair

From Egyptian surrealism to Parisian pissoirs: what to read this weekend

By Paul Clinton

From spooky computers to coded manuscripts: what to read this weekend.

By Paul Clinton
Patrick Staff, Weed Killer, 2016, production skills. Courtesy: the artist, commissioned by LA MOCA

Five young artists exploring queerness, disability, the standardization of bodies and the politics of visibility

By Dodie Bellamy