frieze magazine

Issue 180

Jun - Aug 2016

The June/July/August issue of frieze is out now, with features on artists Andrea Büttner, Ragnar Kjartannson and James Richards, as well as an interview with pioneering dancer and choreographer Anna Halprin, and a city report from Seoul.

Also featuring: Athens-based writer James Bridle investigates how the crisis in Greece is prompting young artists to find new spaces for communal reflection; and Eli Diner looks at painting and the subject of taste in the work of Orion Martin.

Eli Roth, The Green Inferno, 2013. Courtesy: Sobras International Pictures, Chile

Two recent films show contrasting attitudes to the indigenous cultures of the Amazon 

By Chris Wiley

Tom Morton on Ragnar Kjartansson and the eternal return

By Tom Morton

Travis Jeppesen and Sook-Kyung Lee explore the South Korean capital, a city that is fast cementing its place as a leading international destination for art

By Sook-Kyung Lee and Travis Jeppesen

Ross Simonini talks to legendary American dancer Anna Halprin about movement, healing and improvisation

By Ross Simonini

In her prints, paintings, photographs and videos, Andrea Büttner explores poverty, community and her philosophy of 'little works'

By Brian Dillon

How the crisis in Greece is prompting young Athens-based artists to find new spaces for communal reflection

By James Bridle
Rendering of Pavilion of Reflections at Manifesta 11, 2016. Courtesy: © ETH Studio Emerson

The rise of the artist-curated biennial

By Sam Thorne

The drawings of Charles Darwin's children

By Darian Leader

Q. What do you wish you knew? A. How to sing and play guitar better than Caetano Veloso.

By ​Christian Jankowski
Jacques Tati, Mon Oncle (My Uncle), 1958. Courtesy: Les Films de Mon Oncle, Paris

How technological developments are changing our relationship to control 

By Alice Rawsthorn
Illustration by Lauren Rolwing

Does looking at, or reading, something online change its meaning?

By Paul Teasdale
Trump rally in Buffalo, 2016. Courtesy: the artist; photograph by Mark Sommerfeld

Trump, trigger alerts and trauma

By Lynne Tillman