At two solo museum shows, the artist’s animations extend beyond the screen to sculpture, an experimental dance album and merchandise

By Michael Bullock

The Hong Kong-born artist showcases the darkly comic potential of cartoon visuals

By Harry Thorne

Playlist - 22 May 2017

LuYang’s ‘Uterus Man’, Angelo Badalamenti’s score for ’Twin Peaks’; role-playing video game 

Clemens von Wedemeyer und die Veränderungen des kinomatografischen Blicks

By Bert Rebhandl

Repetition and visual liquidity in the videos and animations of Diego Marcon

By Barbara Casavecchia

Chinese video art, post-socialist trauma and the work of Cheng Ran

By En Liang Khong

dépendance, Brussels, Belgium

By Laura Herman
Dalston, Mon Amour 2015, video simulation. All images courtesy the artist

A utopian world-in-progress

By Harry Thorne

Motion-capture choreography, street fights, Looney Tunes and ‘hybrid cinema’

By Kari Rittenbach
Rewell Altunaga, Coward, 2007, modified video game

Digital art in Cuba

By Rachel Price

Artists' animation

By Dan Fox