The fifth season of Billions is a queasy portrait of inequality in the US, but it can be hard to look away

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In FX’s new series, the women on both sides of the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment know that the totems of power are often just good grooming

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Can her new single, ‘Back to Me’, resurrect the career of Hollywood’s favourite fallen idol?

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The new HBO series imagines a celebrity, Nazi-sympathizing president and election fraud in the 1940s 

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Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens, 2020, film still. Courtesy: Comedy Central

The Comedy Central series injects a dose of mania and sloth into the ‘multicultural sitcom’

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Is the show's endless parade of heterosexual clichés a form of satire – or not?

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Paywalls are going up everywhere, intellectual property is being jealously hoarded, and the long-predicted streaming wars are finally on

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Or, the links between Brexit and suspense television

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The rising star’s stand-up special My Favorite Shapes and show Los Espookys, both on HBO, filter the politics of immigration through magical realism

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A timely documentary about the backslide into dictatorship reveals some uncomfortable home truths in the US

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US comedian Tim Robinson is changing comedy – a few minutes at a time

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The disaster was not a ‘uniquely’ Soviet problem

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