Courtesy: Comedy Central

This week Timotheus Vermuelen shares his cultural highs and lows. First up: Broad City Season 3

The artist's delirious new satire explores happiness, consumerism and corporate power

Two Broke Girls, 2012

At least five current TV shows include the word ‘girl’ in their title. What’s going on?

Robert Ashley Perfect Lives, 1978–83

First broadcast in 1983, Robert Ashley’s TV opera Perfect Lives is a talkative exploration of sociability and storytelling

Mad Men, 2011

A golden age of television

Robin Rhode Commissioned by BMW for the Z4 advertising campaign 'An Expression of Joy'

How car advertising borrows from contemporary art

The second in a two-part essay about artists on television.

Publicity shot for Bravo's The Work of Art: The Next Great American Artist’ (2010). Nao Bustamante is top left.

The first in a two-part essay about artists on television.

Ghosts in popular culture are being replaced. What does this reveal about our changing attitudes to death?

The Great Contemporary Art Bubble, a new documentary from BBC4, claims to be ‘the film the art world doesn’t want you to see’

Production still from the Red Riding trilogy (2009)

Watching the Channel Four adaptations of David Peace’s novels

Does television ever really understand art?