Fan Letter

‘If criticality indicates a desire for change, then surely the critic is actually an optimist’

By Jörg Heiser

‘I started to read Mayröcker’s work obsessively. She became one of the few writers whose every written word I have read’

By Hans Ulrich Obrist

‘Hollis’s great skill is to reconcile frugality with generosity’

By Emily King

‘I keep returning to the work – even as it changes’ 

By Dawn Adès

‘The bold, deep, shoulder-shaking beats of the new-jack sound era’

By Ismail Einashe

‘This poetic work of propaganda helped to bring about a queer communist comradeship that spanned more than 6,000 kilometres’

By Juliet Jacques

‘In everything she does, Adele’s honesty is at the core of her vision’

By Allison Katz

‘By its closing scenes, I felt compelled to stand up and clap’

By Yung Ma

‘I spend my life as a writer trying (failing) to approximate Oswald’s verbal economy of means’

By Amy Sherlock

‘Boom obsesses over every element of design – including the textures and scents of her books, as well as their appearance’

By Alice Rawsthorn

To celebrate the publication of Neil Tennant's collected lyrics, Michael Bracewell pays homage to the pop group 

By Michael Bracewell
Neil Tennant, left, and Chris Lowe from the band Pet Shop Boys, 1993. Courtesy: Getty Images; photograph: Steve Pyke

To celebrate the publication of Neil Tennant’s collected lyrics, Michael Bracewell reflects on one of the great synth-pop groups 

By Michael Bracewell