frieze magazine

Issue 150

October 2012

Jimmie Durham talks to Kirsty Bell about enthusiasm, itinerancy, cities, poetry and Cherokee mythology. Alongside the interview are published five previously unseen poems by Durham, excerpted from his upcoming book Poems that Do Not Go Together.

Also featuring: Robert Gober, Matthew Higgs, Paul Laffoley and David Maclagan to discussing how ‘Outsider Art’ is best understood; Christy Lange surveys the chaotic inventory of Roe Ethridge, who also presents a specially commissioned project in the form of an eight-page insert.

Hans Haacke Helmsboro  Country, 1990
By Ara H. Merjian
Marie Angeletti Auction Catalogue 01, 2012
By Martin Herbert
Antoni Muntadas and  Gonzalo Mezza Ceremonial and  Vacuflex-3, 1971
By Max Andrews
Jesse Jones The Struggle Against Ourselves, 2011
By Nicole Yip
John Lawrence from the series ‘Original Carbon Copy’,  2012–ongoing
By Morgan Quaintance
Old Fruit, 2010, c-type print,
 127 × 102 cm

Roe Ethridge’s work circulates in the worlds of fashion, commercial and art photography. Christy Lange considers his ‘chaotic inventory’.

By Christy Lange
John Hiltunen, Untitled, 2012, collage, 30 × 21 cm

In recent years, the work of self-taught artists has come to be contextualized within larger narratives of contemporary art.

By Jonathan Griffin
Chris Marker La Jetée (The Pier), 1962, film still

Remembering Chris Marker

By Jeremy Millar
Shana Moulton and Nick Hallett, Whispering Pines 10, 2010, from the series ‘Whispering Pines’ (2002–ongoing), performance documentation, SFMoMA, 2012

The New York-based artist talks about character, the West Coast, process and slime

By Graham T. Beck
Redefining The Power III, from ‘Series 75 with Miguel Prince’, 2011, triptych, photographic print mounted on aluminium, each: 120 × 80

Post-colonial Angola; photography as both ‘pliable fiction’ and ‘weapon of intervention and denunciation’

Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster

By Jennifer Higgie